• Are you a new or established business that needs social media images to help fill "the gaps" in your online presence?

  • Do you struggle with clients trusting you and taking you seriously because your cell phone photos don't look professional enough?

  • Have you looked into working with a photographer for your brand only to discover you don't have the budget to invest OR that they simply don't understand what it is that you need?

  • Do you have tons of ideas for content but you hold back from posting because you don't have any professional images to use?

  • Maybe you might even be a photographer yourself and the thought of capturing flat lays for your own brand sounds like too much work?


If you have said yes to any of this then listen up because "I gotchu" 

What is this service?

This is a photo subscription service for your online and social media presence. Think of it like Netflix for your business social media, affordable and full of pretty detail images that you no longer have to struggle with putting together on your own. This is perfect for starter businesses and influencers who may not have the camera gear, technical skills or education in editing. Subscribe and gain access to a digital gallery and browse through fresh branded content weekly or monthly for your brand at the click of your screen. Ready and available at your fingertips! Consult with me and put together a strategy that will elevate your online presence and build trust with your client base.

What is the investment?

You can email for details here

We are a black owned, wedding photography business that is dedicated to serving adventurous couples with a fine taste for luxury & fun. We love photographing seaside wedding ceremonies and places with immaculate ballrooms anywhere near water or the beauty of nature. We specialize in producing real emotion for our photographs while also catching those in between moments as they unfold. Located in Rhode Island and serving Newport, Providence & other new England areas. We are very pet-friendly and we adore dogs that take part in their fur parent's big day. Available to travel for national & international weddings. All image copyright belongs to Jamal & Lashana photography.