As your wedding photography team, we desire to provide smooth & productive service that will leave you at ease. We understand that things get hectic & some things WILL go wrong on your wedding day; however, we will do our part to ensure you are prepared ahead of time. Please answer these questions to make sure we can serve you as best as possible. Anything that doesn't apply please respond with "NA" (not applicable). If there are any questions you have answered prior to filling this out please, bear with us as this is just to re-confirm information that may have changed.

We are a black owned, wedding photography business that is dedicated to serving adventurous couples with a fine taste for luxury & fun. We love photographing seaside wedding ceremonies and places with immaculate ballrooms anywhere near water or the beauty of nature. We specialize in producing real emotion for our photographs while also catching those in between moments as they unfold. Located in Rhode Island and serving Newport, Providence & other new England areas. We are very pet-friendly and we adore dogs that take part in their fur parent's big day. Available to travel for national & international weddings. All image copyright belongs to Jamal & Lashana photography.