Castle Hill Lighthouse Engagement | Newport RI

This Lighthouse I swear has become a social media landmark. Down the path from Castle Hill Inn, this lighthouse is a popular spot for photos. Castle Hill Inn is already notorious for it's beautiful Newport weddings held here and all of it's couples sneak on over to the lighthouse for sunset photos. Who can blame them? The sunsets here are INCREDIBLE. We actually suggested this location to one of our couples because it was so perfect for them and their future Newport wedding (you can see their wedding here). If you are considering checking this place out, please do so. Your eyes will thank you for it.

photography by Jamal & Lashana Photography 2018

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About the Author

Jamal & Lashana are married wedding photographers based in Cranston & Newport, Rhode Island. Although they are based in Rhode Island they have provided photography services in Massachusetts & are expanding to the rest of New England and more. Their hope is to not only provide beautiful photos, but to also support their couples in having successful marriages. They have one child together after dealing with a miscarriage followed by a stillbirth; however, their negative life experiences have made them into stronger individuals and an even stronger couple. They enjoy real life love stories, socializing, meeting new people, traveling to new places together and working together in their photography business to create beautiful images for incredible people.

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