how to avoid getting burned by a "wedding photographer"

With planning a wedding you already have so many things to worry about, like figuring out the guest list, dealing with family drama and settling on your dress even though you thought you decided on it several times. It's enough to make your eyes roll again and again. The last thing you need is to deal with stress from your vendors. In this blog post I'm specifically going to be talking about photographers, or "photographers" & I will also explain how to avoid photographers who may potentially flake or even worse.... take your money & run.

No Contract No Deal

The easiest way to get taken advantage of, or risk a photographer no show is hiring someone without a contract. If there is no contract then the photographer has no obligation to fulfill their end of the bargain. Protect yourself and avoid photographers that don't provide contracts.

No invoice No Proof

If the photographer isn't providing a contract then expecting an invoice is futile. An invoice is a receipt for the service that is being provided. Without an invoice you have no proof of ever paying anything! Scary thought isn't it?

No Experience = No Show

Weddings are a lot of responsibility. They are not to be taken lightly and this can put a ton of unwanted pressure on someone who hasn't photographed a wedding before. They jump at your offer to shoot your wedding, then what started off as excitement later turns into anxiety. They may decide to cancel on you because they underestimated themselves & no longer feel like they can handle your wedding, or something else that seems of more importance comes up. Now don't get me wrong, there are some very talented & passionate up-and-coming camera guys & gals out there but, the fact is trust worthy, reliable newbies are few & far in between. The last thing you need is to find out your photographer bailed a month or even days before your wedding.

No Reviews No Guarantee

Without any social proof or client reviews you run the risk of being ripped off. There are a lot of photography scams out there. Anyone posing as a wedding photographer should have some form of public feedback, whether it be reviews on a Facebook page or online review. (google etc.) To take it even further if they have a valid website & social media account then you at least have the ability to see their wedding portfolio. Without any of the above, chances are it's a scam or not worth the risk period.

The goal of this post is to help you be wiser with your decisions & to help you think with your mind instead of your pocket. Unless you're planning a "shot gun wedding" or have a very small wedding budget please do your self a favor and hire a professional wedding photographer. What I mean by that is someone who shoots weddings for a living and not someone who just does photography as a hobby. If not you could end up like thousands of other devastated brides who are stressed out because your photographer bailed or worse, scammed you out of your hard earned money with no images to show for it.

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