golden hour engagement session at narragansett beach

In a day and age where so many young people take no value in long lasting relationships, we have to give credit where credit is due. We are so excited for our youngest couple Ricardo and Stephanie, who are fellow believers. Despite their age they have chosen to honor God by becoming one. Ricardo (age 22) & Stephanie (age 21) have been a blessing to us since the day we first met over Starbucks to discuss their wedding plans. Their engagement shoot took place at Narragansett beach which is one of my favorites! At first we were worried because the sky changed dramatically from sunshine to harsh clouds. We thought for sure this sunset beach session was ruined by the potential rain but Stephanie ensured us she wanted to move forward. Thankfully we did because "the man upstairs" revealed to us the weather we had been hoping for upon our arrival to the location. We made it just in time for golden hour and we were so impressed by the lighting it was perfect! To top it off these two rocked their photoshoot! We couldn't be more honored and humbled by the fact these two chose us to document their special day. We also couldn't be more impressed that despite what other's say about their age, they are choosing to say I do. They remind us so much of ourselves when we got married at the ages of 19 & 20. 8 years later we are still married despite what our own doubters said about us too. We are so happy to show our future bride & groom that marriage is the best decision to make when you have found the right one for YOU!

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Jamal & Lashana are married wedding photographers based in Cranston & Newport, Rhode Island. Although they are based in Rhode Island they have provided photography services in Massachusetts & are expanding to the rest of New England and more. Their hope is to not only provide beautiful photos, but to also support their couples in having successful marriages. They have one child together after dealing with a miscarriage followed by a stillbirth; however, their negative life experiences have made them into stronger individuals and an even stronger couple. They enjoy real life love stories, socializing, meeting new people, traveling to new places together and working together in their photography business to create beautiful images for incredible people.

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