wedding shoes are precious, don't make these mistakes

Today I'm going to talk wedding shoes for the boys and girls. Fellas, comfort and style is key. It is your wedding day so do it up! If you aren't the most stylish guy around, use magazines for inspo or talk with someone who's style you admire. Your future bride will appreciate it. That means NO square toe and NO patent leather (I'll make an exception if you're in the military),

Being the former Nordstrom shoe salesman that I am, I have witnessed many soon to be brides rush in hunting for the perfect shoe. . Now Ladies, mistake number one to avoid is rushing to buy your shoe before the dress. Many women dish out a lot of money on their wedding shoes so don't set yourself up to buy shoes first, only to find a dress that you love & realize the two don't coordinate. Also avoid waiting too long! Just like the latter extreme, You never want to wait one or 2 months before your wedding day. That retail regret is real when your size is sold out. Aside from that, over the course of your planning you may need to make a few alterations & the type of shoe that you purchase/ shoe height etc. can have a large effect on the hemming that needs to be done on your dress.

Lastly, always consider the ground of your wedding/venue location. Heels in the sand for your beach wedding in Newport is not a great idea. You also don't want to be striking mud if your wedding takes place in grassy areas. Pavement & tile are your heels best bet, otherwise try going with wedges if you refuse to wear flats.

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