5 Tips for Better Engagement Photos

So you just got engaged Yay! You celebrate with a kiss, you call your best friend and then break the news to your parents and then the rest of your family. So what's next? Well If you haven't given thought or picked out a wedding venue yet the next most important thing is to look for Photographers in your area or near your venue because after all, your pictures will be the only evidence you have of your beautiful ceremony and venue space. Not to mention the only evidence you will have of how amazing you and your fiance will look, the intricate details of your wedding decor and not to mention the priceless expressions of friends and family who will share the day with you! But lets slow down and rewind back to the magic that will take place during your engagement session. This is the best time to get to know your photographer along with how they work, and the photos from your engagement session will not only be a wonderful start to your wedding story but will also serve as your save the date invitations before your formal invites are sent out. Now lets get started!

Step 1: Choosing Your Location

This is a very important step as this will help set the mood for your save the dates and potentially even your wedding day. An engagement session location should be chosen based off of you and your fiance's personality & theme. If your in the Rhode Island area then consider yourself blessed. The possibilities of locations here are endless and hold so much variety. There are many breathtaking beaches & ocean views but our favorites include Easton's Beach in Newport Rhode Island, Castle Hill lighthouse, Beavertail park in Jamestown & Misquamicut State Beach in Westerly Rhode Island, just to name a few. If you're looking for more of a woods or forest vibe there's always Lincoln Woods State Park, Colt state park in Bristol or my fave Roger Williams Park in Providence. If you like more of a polished formal spot then I would recommend The State House or Prospect Park which over looks the capitol city (has spectacular sunsets too). Whatever you decide make sure it screams YOU. Get creative and don't hesitate to ask your Photographer for any hidden gems.

Step 2: Pick Your Outfits

I can't stress enough how important it is because it can be so easy to mess this up. First, you obviously want to wear something that is weather/season appropriate, but if your fiance is the guy that wears the same 3 outfits on rotation you might want to take him shopping! Next, keep in mind that you are dressing up for a photo shoot and nothing else (except maybe a date afterwards) because unfortunately not every piece of clothing photographs well. For example, thin horizontal line patterns always show up funny in photographs so stay away from these or any other jam packed micro patterns. Ideally you want to wear solid colors that will compliment your skin tone and the scenery while preventing you from blending in. An obvious example is If you're in a park with lots of greenery the last thing you'll want to wear is green. If your getting photo's done in natural light you'll want to avoid wearing super dark colors, especially black tops. This will prevent unwanted shadows. Also keep in mind ladies that it's 2017, you don't have to match with your man! Be free to wear colors that will contrast well with both of your outfit plans.

Step 3: Schedule & Lighting

These two things together play a HUGE role in the quality of your photo's and also whether your photographer can achieve what you are envisioning. I tell all our clients when they book a wedding to consider the early mornings or evenings before sunset (Golden Hour). Why? because this has the best lighting for taking pictures and lets face it, it's plain out beautiful in the sky! The sunlight isn't super harsh as during mid day and if your taking pictures in the summer you don't have to worry about sweating through your clothes because of the heat. The time of the year affects this greatly, so depending on what season you're planning a session be sure to look up the time of sunrise and sunset. If not you can always ask your photographer, if they are experienced of course!

Step 4: Consider Your Make Up Choices

Now we already established that not all clothing patterns are designed with photography in mind but the same thing goes for makeup (especially if flash photography is involved). Make sure that the makeup you are using is suitable for photographs to avoid highlighting the areas where your foundation isn't blended well. The appropriate makeup will help to diffuse light and of course prevent your face from melting off if it's warm outside.

Step 5: Get to Know Who You are Hiring

Schedule a phone call or a meeting with your potential professional photographer. Learn about their shooting style and editing style (YES, there are categories for photography styles). Make sure you know if their shooting style suits your vision. Do you like fancy posed shots or are you looking for more of a candid photo journalistic approach? Is your photographer flexible with shooting in a style that will make you happy? These are some things to consider when hiring a photographer. Check their work to see if it interests you. Most photographers prefer to alter their images for a unique style that pertains to them as opposed to getting it how they want in camera and leaving it alone. Meet up to make sure your personalities mesh well. We are the type of people who like to have fun and laugh. We feel this allows our clients to enjoy themselves and be themselves. Now if you are more of the serious type and you prefer someone who is the same way then by all means choose them. There is no reason why you should be forced to feel uncomfortable with the one vendor who you will spend the most time with on your wedding day! Most importantly read reviews, REVIEWS, REVIEWS, REVIEWS. If your photographer has none or very little ask for past clients he or she has worked for to try and get honest feedback.

Now I hope this has helped you in making some informed decisions that will help you get the best engagement photos you can get! To send a copy of this information to your email so you can reference back to it click here. If you like our work featured in this blog and would be interested in scheduling a consultation with us then reach out via email or by phone. You can also keep up to date with us via facebook and instagram

About the Author

Jamal & Lashana are married wedding photographers based in Cranston & Newport, Rhode Island. Although they are based in Rhode Island they have provided photography services in Massachusetts & are expanding to the rest of New England and more. Their hope is to not only provide beautiful photos, but to also support their couples in having successful marriages. They have one child together after dealing with a miscarriage followed by a stillbirth however, their negative life experiences have made them into stronger individuals and an even stronger couple. They enjoy real life love stories, socializing, meeting new people, traveling to new places together and working together in their photography business to create beautiful images for incredible people.

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