How to Make Your Wedding Look Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, you don't actually have to go into credit card debt to have a pretty wedding! As a married couple who has been where you have been, we don't advise going broke to plan a wedding. Let's walk you through your options

Venue Choices

Your venue choice can help make your wedding or break your wedding, the good news is you have control over whether this happens or not. Now most people will opt for a cheaper venue but a smaller & still exquisite venue or tent wedding is a wonderful approach that can still save you money. Now if you have a dream venue that's expensive & you just can't let go of it, try DIY for your wedding. With Pinterest there is no excuse as to why you can't have extravagant decor and centerpieces without anyone ever knowing what you spent. There are so many thrift stores or buy in bulk places you can check out. For example here in RI you'll be surprised what you can find at places like Walmart, Savers, or Ocean state Job Lot. Also online your possibilities are endless with sites like Amazon etc. This can help you put a nice dent into your wedding budget cost!

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Wedding Aesthetic

We are firm believers in choosing your wedding aesthetic wisely. What is a wedding aesthetic? It is the overall look and feel of how your wedding will be styled. Some wedding theme styles are going to appear more luxury than others even if you didn't spend a whole lot. If you are looking for a more ballroom-ish and classic vibe it's best to choose venues and decor that speak to that so it's more cohesive. Silver or Gold is going to appear a little more lavish than wood ever will but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate those things altogether to up the "bougie" factor for a rustic or bohemian theme. Also the phrase less is more definitely applies here in having a more high end look.


This here is huge and I don't say this just because we are photographers. The photographer you book can definitely make a difference in how your images look after the wedding is done. Someone skilled and talented will know what to do to give you the best high end looking images you can imagine. Us here at Jamal and Lashana Photography can take a non upscale wedding and make it appear upscale with the right shooting practices. Using prime lenses and our creativity we can help coordinate with you to get those Pinterest worthy photos you scroll through every evening after work. Choosing an inexperienced friend or family member who doesn't shoot weddings to do your photography is most likely going to give you the opposite results, so don't skimp out on your photography budget.


The trend of more green in wedding bouquets is on the rise. That and a lot of unique bouquet subsitutes like wrist corsages and bridesmaid hoops which are trending heavily right now. opting for more green foliage in your bouquets is so much cheaper than filling it full of florals and they are still gorgeous to photograph.


"Less is more" definitely applies with having a higher end looking wedding. Plus simplicity never goes out of style. Prevent all the clutter by not adding in too much unnecessary stuff and Keep your decor to a minimum. "The enemy of elegance is clutter."

Keep an Intimate Guest List

This can be difficult, but by spoiling only the closest one's to you with an amazing & classy wedding experience, you can stop yourself from having to cut corners in the most important areas of your wedding budget. For more help in this area you can refer to our other blog "Tired of Wedding Guest Obligations?"

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Jamal & Lashana are married fine art wedding photographers based in Cranston & Newport, Rhode Island. Although they are based in Rhode Island they have provided photography services in Massachusetts & are expanding to the rest of New England and more. Their hope is to not only provide beautiful photos, but to also support their couples in having successful marriages. They have one child together after dealing with a miscarriage followed by a stillbirth; however, their negative life experiences have made them into stronger individuals and an even stronger couple. They enjoy real life love stories, socializing, meeting new people, traveling to new places together and working together in their photography business to create beautiful images for incredible people.

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