bridal party problems & how to handle them

Today, let's talk about expectations when you are choosing people to be involved in your wedding. The reality is, not everyone is going to be as excited about your wedding as you. (Yes bummer) And as disappointing as this is, you can't let it get you down. The sooner you realize this, the better prepared you can be emotionally. Lets face it, weddings can bring out the psychosis in anyone. If you ask someone to be part of your wedding party and they don't match your excitement, then that my friend is a red flag. What also tends to happen is some people dwindle in the excitement as the planning process comes along. Now listen closely, if your groomsman or bridesmaid is acting unusual, it is very important to talk with them (always be sensitive, you never know what may be going on behind the scenes). The importance of communication in your future marriage is just as important in your other relationships. The last thing you want to do is lose a good friend because neither one of you want to talk about the problems you're having about their roles and expectations in your wedding. Maybe that person is dealing with stress, maybe they caught the bug of jealousy, maybe they don't approve of your future spouse or maybe you are being a ZILLA.

Whatever the case, it needs to be addressed. Those who care about you will be honest with you. Be prepared to hear things you may not want to hear and don't get immediately upset either! This is all a part of growth to become a better person, not just for you, but for your spouse too. Let your groomsman or bridesmaid know that if things aren't working out, that they are free to excuse themselves and that you will still love them regardless. There is no reason to hold onto resentment or a burdened wedding party member. Trust us, photographers don't want to shoot photos of bitter bridesmaids & miserable groomsmen.

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