tired of wedding guest obligations? why you should stand your ground

We feel so terrible for those who feel imprisoned during their wedding planning simply because of "obligations". I get it, it's tough. You don't want drama or resentment from people you care about, but what will matter down the road? How you felt or how others felt on your wedding day?

It's easy for family members or sometimes even "friends" to put their two cents in when they haven't contributed anything, but don't hold this against them, just stand your ground. We have witnessed time & time again where someone was invited to a wedding who probably shouldn't of been and all it did was cause the bride or groom stress. At every wedding you may have 99 problems but a wedding guest should never be one of them. Including not so nice parents, "gasp* did they just say that?" YES WE DID.

Don't want kids in attendance at your wedding? Make it known. Don't want Susan bringing her on & off again boyfriend? Deny a plus one or Susan altogether. Don't want to invite uncle Fred with the alcohol problem? So be it. YOUR wedding, YOUR choice. Who ever has an issue will weed themselves out of the picture, thus showing you who is truly there for you. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life period. Now we aren't saying not to love them or to ignore them but if they can't respect you enough to be understanding then it's time to cut ties. Stand your ground and have a drama free wedding and happily ever after.

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Jamal & Lashana are married fine art wedding photographers based in Cranston & Newport, Rhode Island. Although they are based in Rhode Island they have provided photography services in Massachusetts & are expanding to the rest of New England and more. Their hope is to not only provide beautiful photos, but to also support their couples in having successful marriages. They have one child together after dealing with a miscarriage followed by a stillbirth; however, their negative life experiences have made them into stronger individuals and an even stronger couple. They enjoy real life love stories, socializing, meeting new people, traveling to new places together and working together in their photography business to create beautiful images for incredible people.

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